Refined Corn Oil

We are the name to reckon with bulk orders of Refined Corn Oil from Sarawak, Malaysia. For years, we have maintained our goodwill among the topmost manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Refined Corn Oil. The Refined Corn Oil is in high demand as it is ideally used in cooking, and it is free from any impurities. Our unique and pristine range of Refined Corn Oil is processed using high-grade raw materials, and checked on numerous parameters of quality in order to deliver the perfect range.


  Test ltem  Technical Requirements Test Results
  Transparency Clear and transparent Clear and transparent
  % Moisture & Volatile Matters    ≤0.05 0.04
  Acid Value (KOH)  ( mg / g ) ≤0.02 0.14
  Peroxide Value ( P.V )                       ( mmol / Kg ) ≤5.0 1.7
  Smoke Point   (°C ) ≥215 225
  Cold Test ( 0°C, 5.5 hours) Clear and transparent Clear and transparent
  % Insoluble Impurities   ≤0.05 0.02
  Residue of Solvent  - ( mg / Kg ) Not detected Not-detected (<0.10)
  Lead (Pb)  ( mg / Kg ) ≤0.1 0.01
  Arsenic (As) ( mg / Kg ) ≤0.1 0.05 Max
  Aflatoxin B1  (μg /kg) ≤20 5 Max
  Tert butyl hydroxy anisole (BHA)   ≤0.2 Not-detected (<4.0mg/kg)
  2,6-Butylated hydroxyl toluene (BHT)  ≤0.2 Not-detected (<4.0mg/kg)
  Benzoapyrene (α) ≤10 Not-detected  (<0.1μg /kg)
Conclusion The sample is fit to the requirements of the GB19111-2003 standard, all the 14 test items are all qualified.